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OuiPay has partnered with Manulife to help you address the retirement savings needs of your employees!

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The choice is yours

Not sure if OuiPay Express or OuiPay Select is for you?

The first question you should ask yourself is how much involvement you want in processing your company payroll. If, ideally, you would like to limit your payroll workload to transmission of employee data (hours, commissions, changes in personal information, etc.), consider OuiPay Express, and leave the rest to us!

If you have a simple payroll (salaried employees, little turnover, etc.), OuiPay Express may be the least costly and most efficient way to handle payroll. Talk to us about the various ways to forward your data to us. Our options include: phone, email, fax and web portal.

Regardless of how you communicate with us, outsourcing your payroll to OuiPay will relieve you of this administrative burden and allow you to better focus on your core business. You will benefit from timely and accurate employee payments, government remittances and tax slips, and outstanding, open-ended customer support.

Do you have a more complicated payroll? Would you like to have anytime access to employee information, payroll transactions, and reports? Do you want a certain level of involvement in or control of the payroll process? If so, talk to us about OuiPay Select. Outsource the functions you don’t want to handle; keep in-house the things you want to do. We can provide you with a cost effective “best of both worlds” solution, quite unlike any other in the industry.

Still not sure of what’s right for you? Call us today and one of our associates will be glad to discuss your wish list and requirements with you.

Either way, with OuiPay, you’re in good hands.

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