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OuiPay has partnered with Manulife to help you address the retirement savings needs of your employees!

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At OuiPay, we know that managing a trucking payroll can be anything but simple. Drivers’ pay is often based on multiple criteria, such as the type of vehicle/load, the work performed (driving, loading/unloading, “down” time), reimbursements, etc.

Regardless of your choice, OuiPay Express or OuiPay Select, the entire company payroll can be processed quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

For the Quebec construction industry, OuiPay’s Construction Payroll includes built-in CCQ parameters and automatically calculates CCQ, RBQ, and CSST contributions. We provide you with monthly CCQ reports - single or multi-sector!

Our solution for the trucking industry can include:

Regardless of the size of your company, or the location of your facilities and drivers, call OuiPay today for more information on how we can go the distance – for you!

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