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Not for Profit

In the not for profit sector, organizations constantly strive to do “more with less”. OuiPay Select’s workforce management solution is responsive to that challenge.

Employee time tracking and compensation can vary from simple and straightforward, to highly complex in the non-profit sector.

Regardless of the level of payroll complexity in your organization, our tools offer you a cost effective solution to your workforce management challenges.

Not for profit organizations traditionally place importance on tracking and reporting expenses for fund accounting purposes. OuiPay Select’s Advanced Project Tracking and Costing module provides you with direct and indirect costs for any cost centers you define and to which you allocate employee time.

Once the pay is completed, send payroll and GL information seamlessly to your financial or budgeting systems.

From time tracking to payroll preparation, employee payment, costing and human resources, the OuiPay Select solution allows you to focus on your raison d’être, all the while knowing that your workforce management requirements are being handled accurately and effectively.

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