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The complexity and diversity of a municipal payroll are legendary. OuiPay Select’s robust and adaptable solution allows you to handle the myriad of issues related to workforce management in the municipal sector.

Our system spans the breadth of the processes related to employee time and compensation. We can handle all of your time tracking requirements, i.e. punch clocks, self-service time entry, etc.

Worked hours seamlessly flow into our Payroll Preparation module, inside which all processes are automated, regardless of the complexity: retroactive pays, union deductions and reporting, variable pay rates / salary grades, employees on-call or on-leave, retirees, time banks and accruals, garnishments, benefits management and more.

With historical employee information and transactions accessible at your fingertips, the cyclical hiring, group terminations and rehiring common in municipalities are a snap.

Moreover, you can quickly determine which employees or candidates meet the criteria established for any position, job or work team.

Also found within our HR module is a wealth of workforce-related information covering position profiles, pay scales, training, skills, grievance, safety and security, and more.

This wide variety of information is shared across all modules. You define the employees and menus to which a system user has access.

On the costing side, hours can be allocated by multiple costing levels: position, operation, department, etc. OuiPay Select’s Advanced Project Tracking and Costing module provides you with detailed direct costs and burdens by any cost segment, employee, group, or date range.

To complete the process, payroll and costing information flows seamlessly to the GL module of your financial or budgeting systems.

The requirements for transparency and auditing in the municipal sector are handled as well. Our audit reports provide you with details regarding activity within the system – by user, date, process, etc.

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