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Synel North America

Synel North America is a leading provider of solutions for the management of Time and Attendance, Access Control, Job Costing, Shop Floor Control and Production Planning and Scheduling for enterprises in diverse industries. Synel’s hardware systems and software applications encompass a broad spectrum of requirements for data collection, including terminals with optional biometric verification and identification technology for enhanced security and accuracy. Flexible communication software and a modular-component approach enable simple adaptation to customer specifications while maintaining the highest quality. Products are designed and manufactured in-house under strict ISO 9001, UL, and CE quality assurance standards. With more than 20 years experience in the workforce management field, Synel continues to be a leading provider of high quality, reliable data collection equipment and applications, making it the choice of thousands of organizations worldwide.

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American Payroll Association
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Looking to purchase an in-house payroll solution? ORANGE Digital Systems offers fully integrated workforce management software for mid-sized Canadian organizations with complex labour environments. We offer clients in a wide range of industries a modular human resource management system that encompasses payroll, human resources, job costing and time tracking. All applications can be tailored to your specific requirements and are designed for maximum flexibility and user control. For over twenty years, we have delivered robust and reliable HR/payroll software backed by an open-ended customer support policy, rapid and comprehensive implementation, and personalized attention to our clients’ ongoing needs.

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